Live Comfortably This Winter

Take advantage of our heating repairs or installations in the Killdeer & Dickinson, ND areas

Are you prepared for the upcoming winter? Jones Heating and Refrigeration, LLC provides heating installation services to help you stay warm in the Killdeer & Dickinson, ND areas. Trust us to install:

Water heaters
Geothermal systems
Heat pumps

After your heating installation, you can count on us to service the equipment and provide any necessary heating repairs over the years. Get ready for the cold by asking us for a free estimate today.

Stay warm all season with reliable service for your heating system

Stay warm all season with reliable service for your heating system

You don't want to be left out in the cold this winter. We do full system checks and 35- point inspections to ensure your equipment is running correctly. Whatever the make or model of your equipment is, we can service it until it runs at top condition.

Don't wait for the temperature to drop. Contact us right away to discuss heating repairs or installations.

Keep the inside of your commercial facility warm and cozy

Nobody wants to eat at a restaurant that's cold and drafty. You can count on Jones Heating and Refrigeration for commercial heating repairs in the Killdeer & Dickinson, ND areas. We also handle commercial heating installations. When you call us for service, our commercial heating repair specialist will be there ASAP and fix your HVAC system efficiently.

With over 18 years of experience, our lead contractor can find the best solution to your commercial heating issues. We'll do everything we can to repair your unit before suggesting heating installation or replacement services.

Need commercial heating repairs? Call now to get a free estimate.